Troy L. Perry

3D Artist

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm: Elite Guard


FX Animation:

Hi Res Model:


2012: I modeled and textured this Elite Guard Marine model that appears in the cinematics for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.  The idea was to create a psionically shielded marine that can withstand the awesome powers of Kerrigan should she ever escape from her prison.

starcraft 2 wings of liberty: tosh cloak FX

2010. This is an effect that I created for the character Tosh. The task was to recreate this awesome decloaking effect done by the guys in Blizzard’s pre-rendered effects department. Only catch was, it had to be done in realtime. I accomplished this by basically pushing the engine’s FX animation pipeline as far as I could get it. Animated textures built from procedural noise materials in 3DSMax, scrolling UVs, electrical spline ribbons, smoke particles, full screen lens glare on cards, displacement animation¬†– I used everything it took to get the look as close as possible.

I think you can see the crawl of the patterns a bit better in this one:

wwe wrestler: rey mysterio

2005. I modeled and textured this game res character for a WWE wrestling game for XBox360/PS3. Rendered in Mental Ray.

2008 quake champions: patriot

2008. Another Q3: Arena model I did just for fun. I was a big fan of the Quake titles back in the day. Learned alot of what I know today by studying the art in old school FPS games like Quake and Unreal.

wwe wrestler head

2005. Head model for WWE wrestling title that was discontinued.