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Archive for March, 2011

sc2: legacy of the void – space background





I created this background sequence as one of the login screen options for Legacy of the Void.


sc2: legacy of the void – cybros station



powering up


I modeled, textured, animated and composed lighting for this weaponized space station seen in Legacy of the Void.


squidgirl w.i.p.



2012: W.I.P. model for a contest. Concept is based on a drawing from one of my favorite artists, Serge Birault.

wwe wrestler: rey mysterio

2005. I modeled and textured this game res character for a WWE wrestling game for XBox360/PS3. Rendered in Mental Ray.

Diablo 3: 1 day sculpt


2011: 1 day ZBrush sculpt of a gravestone I made for the Diablo 3 cinematics.